Camino de Santiago – Villafranca to Las Herrerias

January 11, 2018

Villafranca to Las Herrerias

Today’s 22kms was overcast, light rain and humid and it took me 1.5 hours to walk the first 5kms….a few photo stops but not that many. Stopped in Pereje for a bocadillo as the lady where I was staying was too busy chatting to the guys behind me to get me some toast and besides I really wanted to get going. Walking alongside the road but between a concrete barrier and the river wasn’t all bad, except for those drivers who feel the need to toot at pilgrims. If their aim is to scare the shit out me, then mission accomplished. If it’s meant to be a friendly gesture, then epic fail.

Somehow I seemed to make really good time getting to Trabadelo and once we left the highway, walking through wooded areas was beautiful surprise.

Not quite sure what happened today but either I’m walking much faster or the distances in the book are wrong. I work on 4kms an hour and I was romping it in today. I still find it really amusing that when I think I might be off the path and ask for a sign or am thinking that signage is lacking, an arrow appears.

It started raining quite heavily just a I got the hotel which is just before the village of Las Herrerias and I’m sitting in the dining area having a cuppa looking out a beautiful picture window with hills in front of me and cows grazing as the rain and mist roll in.


Great photos. Thanks for sharing

Amazing Lindy