Wollongong to Eden

August 22, 2013

Yep, I’m in Eden…the Garden of Eden to be precise, the fact that it’s a caravan park is beside the point.

Another beautiful day, cold but thankfully the wind died down.  Yesterday was really, really windy which made the driving hard because I getting buffeted so badly.  But today was good and nice to see a bit more of the coast for a change.  Again, lots of waterways, lake, rivers etc the obvious one being Batemans Bay.  The scenery was beautiful with lots of forests and the usual constant changes.  It was also a pleasant to be going through towns rather than just seeing their names whizzing past on signs.  While it was only 395kms and Google Maps said it would take 5 hours, with all the road works and towns (50km speed limit through towns is very annoying) and bendy bits it was closer to 6.5 hours, but pleasant driving nonetheless.

I got an early start and was intending to have breakfast in Nowra but the highway only went through the backside of Nowra so I kept going and decided on Ulladulla but the cafe’s in Milton looked too welcoming so stopped there instead.   I stopped at the Cheese Factory at Bega and bought a massive block of cheese and had a very tasty lunch, and then drove through to Merimbula (was intending to spend the night there but the down didn’t float my boat) so came through to Eden.  Had a bit of a drive around – a couple of lookouts and the killer whale museum (I got there at 3.40pm and it closes at 3.45pm…oh well).  I’m only posting 2 photos from today, I wasn’t fussed with most of them.

Tomorrow is a short drive to Lakes Entrance but it looks very windy (as in bendy roads not windy trees)


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