Lakes Entrance to Phillip Island

August 24, 2013

Google Maps – you suck.  That’s was the most arse about way of getting me here and some of your details were dodgy.  But I got here eventually.

What a shit day…weather wise.  I’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather and today it all came apart at the seams.  I got another early start (and I must admit that I’m impressed that I was shampooed, showered, had bacon and eggs for brekkie and was in the car in an hour) and the day started with just light rain and high clouds and that beautiful morning light that makes for great photos.  Alas, it wasn’t to last and the ridiculously strong winds and rain started.  I managed every sort of rain today – light, sprinkling, steady, driving and way too much horizontal.  At least there wasn’t any lightning, that would have totally freaked me out.  But I guess it’s better to be driving in it than trying to sight-see in it but I had to do that too.

Again, some beautiful scenery, much more open pastural land and a whole stack of photo opportunities left along the roadside…..big sigh.  But I like Phillip Island, it’s got a good feel.  I went to all the tourist places….the obvious one on a wet and windy day was the chocolate factory and then decided to brave the elements and go to Seal Rock.  The wind was that strong I had to but both feet on the door to open it and while is was obscenely windy, it wasn’t that cold but the seals weren’t to be seen basking on the rocks.  I had to drive past the race track, so yep, seen that, then I checked out a couple of beaches.  I had wanted to do a short walk at Wollami Beach to see the Pinnacles but the weather was just too nasty.  Found another amazing barn so pulled off the side of the road and almost got bogged….doh!  And of course, you can’t come to Phillip Island without seeing the Penguin Parade (which is really why I came).  I decided to have the VIP experience (of course) which started in the Board Room at the centre with cheese and crackers and one of the rangers telling us about the island and the penguins.  And then we went down to the beach but while the rest of plebs were freezing their butts off and getting wet, we were in the sky box with the person counting the penguins and watching it all with binos.  There weren’t a great deal of penguins about so we wandered down to the Penguins Plus area, which is set aside from the plebs and where the bulk of the penguins come in and watch them close up.  I got to see a group of about 20 come over the dunes and waddle their way past…..very cute.

And that was my day.  I’m hoping Google Maps doesn’t let me down tomorrow as I’ve written out an entire page of directions to get me from Phillip Island to the ferry at Sorrento and then down to Apollo Bay.