30 October – twice

October 31, 2007


Welcome to South America. If you can call Santiago Airport actually welcoming but I’m here….woohoo. It’s about 4am on the 31st (Brisbane time) and it’s 4pm on the 30th Chile time, hence the title. I’m having the 30th twice (something like Groundhog Day). So for those of you who have my itinerary, you’ll be a day out, so alter it accordingly otherwise I won’t be where you think I am????

Bloody hell, keyboards are not the same the world over. The letters are in the same place (thankfully) but the apostrophes and other things are all over the place so it’s taking forever to type this correctly.

The flights were uneventful, which is a good thing. Auckland is so incredibly green, it’s amazing. Got to see “Evan Almighty” on the way over, I had wanted to see it but unfortunately it was only mildly amusing.

Switched to LAN Airlines for the flight to Santiago, we pulled out, rolled forward a couple of feet and came to a screaming halt. It actually felt like we’d hit something and there we sat for about an hour. It was apparently something to do with the landing gear which was a bit a worry. Not so much getting off the ground but coming back down but obviously we made it.

Flying in was amazing, mountain range after mountain range and snow-capped mountains in the distance. Didn’t manage to see any of the city (well not from my window), we were coming in over farming towns surrounded by mountains. And these aren’t piddly little mountains either, they’re huge. Was thinking about getting into the city seeing as I’m stuck here for so long but to leave the airport I have to clear customs and pay a 56USD entry fee and I have no idea how far away the city is, so will sit it out here. Mind you it would be nice to get some fresh air but for that much, I’m not too keen.

Anyway gang, there’s really no news to tell I’m just killing time and rambling.

So take and stay happy and yes, I’ll do the same.

Lindy x